Best Digital Marketing Masters Programs in USA

Best Digital Marketing Masters Programs in USA
Digital Marketing Masters Programs in USA – Covered. Here are the best offline and online Digital Marketing Masters Programs in USA. Course syllabus, duration, cost structure, contact data, course specifications, and official website.

With digital marketing’s expanding scope in the US, demand for professionals is rising. The industry is growing quickly.

Let’s look into local demand for digital marketers:

That’s a huge amount of US employment. It’s the perfect time to master digital marketing and enter this field. Learn about digital marketing careers if you’re interested.

10 Digital Marketing Masters Programs in Usa

Before we list the best digital marketing courses in the US, we know you’d rather stay home due to the flu. To help you become a digital marketer, we’ve listed the best online and offline courses in the US.


IIDE is India’s leading digital marketing institute. IIDE has defined global education standards since 2016. They’ve taught over 2,350,000 people digital marketing globally.

Taking a future-oriented approach to learning, IIDE assures its students receive a personalised, relevant curriculum that will help them upskill for their jobs.

Why is IIDE ?

IIDE’s World Education Congress and Indian Education Congress “Best Digital Marketing Institute” award is one of the reasons it distinguishes out.

Aside from their strong placement record and student-centric atmosphere, the first’s practical approach to learning is crucial. Blended training ensures students gain the relevant skills and application strategies.

IIDE offers a thorough Online Digital Marketing Course. Personalizing learning via a 3-teacher technique. Meaning:

4-Step 3-Teacher Method

Step 1: Start with Video Lectures

Live online sessions

Booking a mentor

Presentations in class

Their innovative strategy begins with high-quality online video courses, followed by weekly live training sessions, 1-on-1 mentorship sessions, and in-class presentations.


The course material is organized into terms and modules that are presented in depth to ensure holistic student training.


Each IIDE subject is taught by an industry professional. Students study from top industry professionals and acquire company insight.


IIDE awards a participation certificate for each module. Complete all modules to earn 12 Certificates. Then submit 7 assignments and 1 final project.

You’ll receive an Advanced Digital Marketing Certification upon submission. We prepare students for Google Certification.

Length & Costs

The online digital marketing course lasts 3-4 months, or 12 hours per week. The course costs $1,360 with 0% EMI. (The course now lasts 4-5 months.)

2. Digital-marketing-courses-in-USA noble-desktop

Noble Desktop, founded in 1990, is a renowned NYC design and coding school. Noble Desktop’s digital marketing certificate course is a hands-on program. This marketing course assists students who want to launch their marketing careers, professionals building their businesses, and marketers who want to widen their horizons by teaching them how to ace search and analytics.


Marketing digital SEO/Ads Bootcamp
Instagram Marketing Google Analytics
Marketing Facebook
Facebook YouTube and TikTok video marketing Blogs, Twitter for content marketing

Course Costs

Online and live sessions last 78 hours. Digital marketing costs $4,525.

3. Pathrise teaches digital marketing in the US.

Pathrise’s online digital marketing bootcamp covers sponsored search, display advertisements, SEO, conversion rate optimization, and more. They also help you optimize your résumé and ace interviews. After 8 weeks, weekly 1-1 sessions and workshops are held until you secure a job.


Marketing Strategy Maps and plans
Display adverts Paid search
Email marketing, SEO, earned media
Automated Marketing
Optimizing conversions
Marketing analytics course costs

Course lasts 8 weeks. Please contact the course provider for the cost.

4. Education Henry Harvin

Henry harvin’s digital marketing course

Kounal Gupta founded Henry Harvin in 2013. It trains and educates various companies and colleges.

It offers 200+ online courses in digital marketing, cyber security, Analytics, sales, Law, and Management.


Course Costs

12-month digital marketing course. The course costs $598.65 with 0% EMI.

5. UCI Continuing Ed (UCI)

UC Berkeley Digital Marketing Courses

UCI ranks 9th among US public universities. They serve the global student community by providing creative, practical learning experiences that encourage personal and professional achievement.

Digital Marketing & Communications certifies students for marketing, communications, and merchandising management jobs. This industry combines research, writing, design, and analytics to influence company choices and lead marketing strategies.



Marketing strategy research
Product managementdynamism
Marketing Communications Elective:

Marketing ROI
Digital Marketing Trends

6. Yale Business School

Yale School of Management trains corporate and social leaders. This institution will train and extract your greatest skills to prepare you for a prosperous future.


Customer-value frameworks
Paid media: customer-reaching advertising
Owned Media: Content Marketing
Listening, promoting, and engaging
Mobile tech’s value-add
Analytical Innovation for Digital Transformation
Digital Marketing, Future Regulation

Course Costs

8-week course costs $2,800.

7. SHU – Sacred Heart University Digital Marketing Courses

The graduate program teaches e-commerce, mobile marketing, online advertising, web analytics, and search engine marketing. Our students are prepared for a number of digital marketing professions, including managers, strategists, and analysts, by studying marketing strategy, web technology, and digital marketing methods.


Economics and statistics Management fundamentals Marketing
Digital marketing advertising topics
Intro to Structured Programming Marketing Research Marketing Analytics Web Design with Java Consumer Behavior Dynamic Web Page Development Capstone Project

Course Costs

The 5-year course costs $42,800 annually.

8. Missouri-St. Louis

University of Missouri – St. Louis Digital Marketing Courses Logo

UMSL is eastern Missouri’s largest public research university. Over 16,000 students from 49 states and 70 countries attend UMSL, one of Missouri’s most diverse campuses.

The 18-credit Graduate Certificate in Digital and Social Media Marketing focuses on digital and social media marketing management in enterprises. This curriculum teaches marketing managers how to merge sales, brand management, promotion, and consumer behavior.


Marketing innovations
Digital marketing measurement
Social media advertising
Digital/social media marketing clinical study
Consumer behavior (Research and Analytics Course)
Social media marketing seminar

Course Costs

Missouri-St. Louis is #5 in our top 7 digital marketing courses list. The 18-credit-hour program costs $1,73,824 per year.

9. GW – George Washington University Digital Marketing Courses

George Washington University, founded in 1821, encourages students to learn, grow, and make history. Their committed professors and different student groups help them thrive. Each year, they produce high-impact research.




Digital marketing electives

Analytical Marketing
Marketing automation AI/ML
Relational databases and CRM

Course Costs

The 2-credit course costs $2,800 and includes 6 compulsory and 6 elective credits.

10. NJIT – NJIT Digital Marketing

NJIT, founded in 1881, is a premier national university. This curriculum prepares students for social media management, content management, PPC management, SEM campaign management, digital strategy, SEO strategy, and more. Industry leaders teach students digital marketing in less than a year.


HTML5, CSS3, WordPress Website Marketing
optimization (SEO)
User-experience writing
Data analytics/visualization
Automated Email Marketing
Customer Relations
Organic & Paid Social Media Marketing

Course Costs

Contact the institute using the below information for course prices and length.

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